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Cool particles) Blood and water splashes are really great. So juicy) Dying in this game is more fun than flying))

Thank you igoramendola ! I've already updated version: now it saves highscores and shows overall number of attempts. 

This is my favorite game of this jam for now) Really something new and not an trivial rip-off of annoyed flappy gameplay

I would say that this game is crap, and in this case it is not bad))

Looks like my own game, so I like it))

Cool art! But game requires some adjusting, because this horned creature seems to be uncontrollable. Cant understand how clicks affect it's behavior.. Sometimes it jumps higher, sometimes lower, sometimes it just falls down despite clicks

Looks great, but it seems like it is nearly impossible to lose in this game :)

There is fucking delay between mouse down and arrow moving. And it makes it impossible to play

Cool! Moving obstacles that's exactly what was missing in the original game to be TOTALLY frustrating))

This is my favorite entry at this moment :)

does this f*cking bird really moves in random direction?))

By the way, my own highscores == 36 at this moment :)

I loved this game in my tamagochi:) But.. where are the candies?)

Thank you :)

KevinFrost, just click at the top of the screen and quest-list will drop down:)