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Buy this game! It's amazing and such a creative idea. Totally recommend. Telling ppl on all my platforms to get it

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I proceeded to immediately get it, turns out i was missing the final number which was on the paper

really struggling with figuring out the code, took a couple days break and played some other escape rooms and came back to it and i have more of a clue than before but im still pretty stumped. If there was a guide or hints that would be great

really good but im stuck with figuring out the code :(

A surprisingly sad game. Really worth a play.

wowwww  this is incredible. Both beautiful and meaningful, I completely recommend this

Hi there, i know this was 2 months ago, but for anyone else with the same issue, it's because you are using it in the Itch app, you need to play it in the browser for the save system to work. Just found that out myself, luckily I'm not too far in.

This was sooooo good. I keep downloading games like this, not knowing what to expect and then being surprised! The game isn't super long but it has been really well paced, I feel like a lot of puzzle games struggle to get the balance between too simple and impossibly hard that this game has achieved. It was super fun to play, the art (esp character portraits) was really good and I was excited to explore each ending. Great job!

Woowwww This was SUPER. I love the romance.... top notch, really creative retelling of a classic story. Also the art is sooooo beautiful, my god. Amazing painter, you have inspired me to want to make my own game now haha!

woahhh freaky and amazing. Accidentally skipped straight to the final ending after the first one, but i went back and played them all in order and it was worth it. Great game, shouldn't have left it in my to-play list so long.

really sweet game! The puzzles were great, I thought i was totally lost once or twice but I figure out my next step pretty fast and never got too stuck, it was very rewarding! Totally recommend this heartfelt game

Please, I LOVE this. Your games are soooo funny and I cannot wait for what else you put out as a team. I genuinely am obsessed with how hilarious the "date" is. Amazing game, totally recommend playing.

Ah, I didn't explain myself properly. I meant I need a photo of the pixelated wall before you interact with it, as it has a picture of all the posters you can get, but once I interact with it I only see the posters that I already have and I'm trying to work out which one im missing since i was like 99% sure i got them all.

the price u pay for nails. Stay strong queen

Your my favourite person

Love love love this game! so creepy and funky.

Had some issues with the secret ending though,

I restarted the game after doing all of the endings and still have the poster wall but i cant figure out what i missed because i did all of them. would there be a way to record the secret ending or put up a photo of the wall so i can see what im missing? (I dont have the fn key so i can't look up in the 3d mode)

Such an incredible game!! It is SO beautiful and its really interesting. The art is so gorgeous (Alphonse Mucha whomst??) and the writing is so fun. I loved following this story and it's so easy to read, so I totally recommend it! I keep saying I'm not a friends to lovers kinda gal but beautifully written stories like this keep proving me wrong, and I'm so excited for Theo's route (though I will admit Alasdair caught my eye immediatley and never really un-caught it) <3

Amazing!! So much feeling and it's really beautiful.