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Astoundingly good! the low poly graphics combined with punchy sound effects and low rhythmic music creates such a unique atmosphere. The gameplay is challenging but, with a little practice, can be mastered. Starting up a game feels like beginning a run in Kaycees mod, in the best possible way.

update: going through the original hidden cavern entrance allows you to continue

the Lady of the Lake's heart is removed from your inventory upon entering the house, rather than when you interact with the stabalizer, causing lauren to prompt you to place the heart there forever, preventing you from getting gun eyes and continuing.

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SO SO SO GOOD! the controls a really good, although sometimes pressing x to use the soul feels a bit akward. the levels are super well designed, and the different mechanics are introduced super fluidly. i would love to see more of this game!

edit: it's a lot easier to use the soul when you use the arrow keys for movement. 

incredibly creative picross game. i love it, and the music is so relaxing, this game is so comfortable

that last joke....beautiful

very interesting, very enjoyable

A game secretly abour checking the mail. charming and polished with a unique style and clever puzzles

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i adore this game already, and i've only been playing for around an hour. the songs are good, i love the look, and the attacks are clear. i understand that not everyone enjoys the hard-as-nails difficulty, but personally i really like it.

however, the controls can feel unresponsive and sluggish, and often i take damage from the game throwing something unfair, such as moving 2 spaces in one beat, rather than just my own mistakes. hitting things off beat feels off as well, as it goes against most rhythm gamer's instincts. 

i would love to see this game improve, it's honestly really fun, and i'd like to see it reach it's full potential.

edit: i almost forgot to compliment the camera work! it really adds a little something  i think.