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A member registered Nov 30, 2019

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Cute and Lovely Horror Game

Its very short but I liked the Graphics!!

Very Scary!😨😨😨

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Very atmospheric! liked the story

It was fun and challenging but didn't Finish it. Still looking for the ending. Great game!

Very Spooky!!!

Enjoyed the game!

Great Game!!

I loved it!! I really enjoyed it! 

Short but funny.XD 

I have finished your game today. It is short but Fantastic! I dont want to spoil the "Ending" but that meat was just delicious.Haha. Waiting for your new game! Good Luck

Here is my Gameplay

okey..I will play the new one❤❤❤ thanks for quick fix

I've played this game and its Excellent!! 

Here is my gameplay

Also Here is some suggestion for you :-)

1. Add " difficulty" for new players such as Easy,Normal, Hard

2.Add some glowing effect on items.

3. Graphics Quality is  Good. there is some bugs so  fix that!

Good Luck

Finally beat it!! Awesome Game :-)

okey.. I will wait then...!

Its Short but Good!!

My Gameplay