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When's the full game being released? I'll pay top dollar for it.

As soon as this comes out I'm buying  a new laptop just to play it I swear.

I used this pack to create my first ever Indie Game! I can say it doesn't disappoint and the animation is just flawless! This creation is worth so much more than being free. But thank you for making it free so people can enjoy your amazing work! <3 

So excited!

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This game took me 46:39 to complete. It's rage-inducing but very rewarding once you finish the level. Keep up the good work!

I love this so much keep up the awesome work!

Love it!

I love it! The only thing is I bought the bundle before it came out. Does this mean I have to re-purchase the bundle for all the content?

Not to be rude or anything. But did you not read the top? It says, "Credit is appreciated but not necessary."

This is so good! Thanks for making it free!

I love it! But could you maybe do it without the gray?

It's so cute! I love it!

My gosh! It's so cute!

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Oh. My. Gosh. I love it! And thank you so much for making it free! Can you just explain how many fps?

Mine's just older so that's probably the problem.

Thanks so much for making it free! Just one suggestion or I should say a question. Could you add attack animations? Thanks again!

Okay, thank you!

It's so cute! I would give you money if I wasn't broke.

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How many frames per animation? (I'm using Construct 3)


How did you make the attack animations?

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Could you also possibly make one without the brown? It's a pain in the butt to erase, and super time-consuming.

I'm playing on a chromebook. And yes it's just a blank screen.

Amazing pack!

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The packs are amazing! I'm using Construct 3 and can't figure out how many frames to use. Can you also add attack animations?

Wow, it's so smooth and just amazing in general!

Does it have animations?

It won't load but I've heard it's a good game

This is such a good pack! Thank you!

Amazing tileset! I'm using it in my game and will make sure to give credits!

Is the character shown in there? Also thanks for being kind enough to make it free