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Alright, keys should start becoming available, check the "Download" page

Woot! App Lab is approved!

Keep an eye on the itch listing, should have keys incoming for folks who already bought the game here!

The raw .apk isn't available because of the way the file is uploaded to itch.  However, it looks like there is a way to unzip .zip files on Android:

you should be able to just download it via SideQuest - when you go to the 'buy' button it should open a browser window with itch that you can use to sign in and select download - from there SideQuest should ask you if you want to install, just hit yes.

if that path isn't working, you can download the .zip from itch, unzip it (you'll see a TOTHETOP.apk inside),  then drag that .apk file into the SideQuest window and it should install.

I believe this issue is now resolved - try the latest build (Version 6)

I believe this issue is fixed now - try the latest build

Ok, should be fixed now - give the latest build a go

I think I've got it fixed finally - try the latest build

Désolé, je ne parle pas français, donc j'utilise Google Traduction!

La dernière version devrait être corrigée, faites-moi savoir si vous rencontrez toujours des problèmes.


I think it's fixed, try the latest build

Ok, drop into our discord at and DM me (CerebralFrost) - Itch doesn't seem to have a way to direct message.

I just thought of something - are your Oculus accounts tied to Facebook accounts?

The bug actually started happening when I created the App Lab version - so it has something to do with the app trying to call back to the Oculus backend and something failing there - so even the very first version would still see the problem.  The tricky part is that I don't have an account where the bug reproduces, so I've been having trouble finding out what exactly is causing the problem.  I've poked at the login sequence a couple of times to short circuit it (so it's not calling back to the Oculus backend), but apparently that's not working.

Ok.  Well, I have three headsets, and it's working on all of those - if anyone who is having the issue wants to be a guinea pig and grab me some logs from a debug build, let me know.

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It should be version 4 (the latest version - if you download from the release channel, that's the one you should get).

I'm having trouble reproducing the issue (i.e. it's working on my end, and I don't know why it's not working for others yet), and we've been having power issues (I'm in Austin, TX).  But, I'll keep digging until I figure it out.

Well, I did find a small error that could potentially cause an issue on startup, but I was unable to reproduce the issue.  I did make a change and upload a new build, so give that a try, if it's still not working for you send me a DM.

Dang it - ok, I'm still only on partial power here (running the generator on and off - still no power for a lot of us in central Texas).  When I get some more hours to dedicate I'll get to looking again.

It does now - latest build should have a "Graphics" option in the options panel, turning on "performance" will enable 90hz for Quest 2

Ok, should be fixed - download the latest and let me know

Yup, known issue, I'm working on a fix, but we're in Austin, TX - which is not a great place to be right about now.... :P

That's something that I'm looking at - I'm not sure how to make it happen yet, but I'll definitely post here and in the SideQuest community when I have something.

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When you first start the game, it should prompt you for permission to write to the device, if the app doesn't have permission it can't write the saves.

The easy way:
Uninstall and reinstall the app - it should ask for permissions again when it tries to write the save file the first time.

The convoluted way:
Sideload a "settings" app to give you more access to settings to allow you to toggle permissions for sideloaded apps:

You have to run it from "Unknown Sources" on the quest 2 - it's a bit hidden away, here's a video on how to get to it