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haha i posted this at 4am
my life is sad..

ninjamuffin doesn't have an underscore after ninja. IT'S NOT HIM.

Ok but what were you even trying to say?  And if you really think it's him, click on this faker dude's page, then, go to fnf, click on where it says ninjamuffin99, and it won't bring you to this faker dude's page. Also, ninjamuffin doesn't have an underscore in his name.

Wow such a great comeback. Can you not even deny me or anything? You're just gonna send a poorly spelled message? Ok whatever. I'm done with you.

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How would you know since you aren't ninjamuffin?

And i know you aren't because it says you joined 6 days ago and fnf has been up for months. And when go to the fnf page and click on the publisher, ninjamuffin, it doesn't take me to your page. Also, ninjamuffin actually went to 3rd grade and knows how grammar works. And ninjamuffin doesn't go around telling people that their work is shit. I get you're like 9 and all, but atleast TRY to be convincing.