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Start a new game and right at the beginning by the bunny poster is a book that when you examine it will ask for the code from the good/true ending.

Enter code, and voila! Secret room.

I would support the hell out of a Thorns of War kickstarter. And honestly take as much time as needed with it. I would be incredibly sad to see the project die as Rose of Segunda is my absolute favourite English otome. When I saw the other post I rushed to buy Heaven's Grave. I really want to play that too but had been holding off on buying since I have so much of a game backlog. I sincerely hope things work out for you and you have my support.

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Oh wow, I really liked this game and just now saw this update in my mailbox. It looks like you added a ton of stuff, it's pretty much a remake! I'll definitely have to replay it now. 

Edit SPOILERS FOR THE ENDINGS: Finished replaying the game and ended up getting both the new and old endings. I really, really love the adition of the new scenes since they make the end of the game feel more connected. 

Bad Ending 2 made me ridiculously happy because I time-loops are one of my favourite tropes. I have to admit that when I saw there was a new "good" ending I was a bit worried since I really enjoyed the theme of the true ending, but the way the good ending played out was just perfect. It truely was a good and not bittersweet ending that didn't compromise the theme of the true ending in the slightest. I hadn't even considered that would have been a way to end the story, but in retrospect it makes so much sense.

The secret room is also really cute and I enjoyed talking to the characters. That halloween illustration with Dahlia is great! Also now I feel like I need to go download Midnight Train even if I was holding off on it since I don't like cliffhangers.

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I was getting an account because I wanted to leave feedback for The Rose of Segunda and then I saw this. I think I might start crying from happiness.

Court/Princess based otome games aren't my favourite, but if I could have wished for one Rose of Segunda would exactly be it. Playing it felt like the writers had invaded my mind when I slept to figure out exactly what kind of tropes and LIs I would have wanted in such a setting. It also helps the music and art was very nice.

No but seriously, I was so tired of mobile otome having you just discover you are a princess or be a nobody at court. I want to start out knowing what I'm doing! Plus I love how Iolanthe has a lot of spunk but you can decide how much you want her to care about duty, since if she has been brought up in that environment you'd think it would be something she'd care about. This was so well-balanced and I loved trying out different mindsets for different playthroughs and it always felt appropriate with the setting. 

I also loved the setting in general. It's fantasy but it feels very based on actual European history even if the actual references are very vague. I honestly think it is for the best since otherwise research and/or inaccuracies would get in the way of telling a story. Plus it still feels mostly like a historical setting since it avoids magic. Just very well made Made-up Kingdom and politics within it. 

I also love how you can be forward in the romances if you want to and that the game even encourages that mostly. I actually got wind of the game because someone else who likes brother-sister romance recced it because the secret route, but I found myself loving all but Guillame's route just as much. Oh but still, thank you thank you thank you for the secret route and for making it so sweet. I was getting tired of yandere brothers and the secret route was absolutely everything I wanted (Though a kiss CG would have been nice, but maybe there is hope?). Frederique is such an absolute sweetheart and I love how supportive he is in all the routes. All the LI are such cinnamon rolls but in their own distinct flavour without feeling samey at all. Just really well made job. Charlotte is the biggest sweetie though and she deserves the whole world and no one should ever hurt her. I loved the whole play you put on later in the week and Iolanthe makes such a dashing prince (but getting to play the roles wrong was so much fun too).

So yes, just thank you so much for this game. I really, really enjoyed it if that wasn't obvious from the above. I don't like playing betas so I will hold off on the demo for the sequel for now, but finding out this is a thing getting made made my week and I can't wait to play the finished product, you have a guaranteed buy from me.