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Okay great, just wanted to make sure!!

Omg thank you so much?? Thats so generous 😭 i want to make sure, you have a copy of the core rules yeah?

Thanks for the concern, but I wouldn't have been selling the game for over a year or have a Kickstarter running if there was a risk of a copyright issue. That was some of the first research I did before release :)

There are no spells, instead since it's all skills based, you have Magic Skills as a category to choose from during character creation and when you level up (things like pyromancy, blood magic, shadow magic etc). So those skills work just like any other skill check in the system; you decide what skill you're using and how you're using it, then make a check for degree of success. 

There are also player Abilities that function as basically shortcuts that don't require skill checks, and you get to make your own for your character. So if you want to create shortcut spells that just work, you can do that in exchange for spending a resource. I made the magic system and abilities specifically around the idea of "i have a category of magic i can use, but I decide how I use it," so if you want flexibility in your decisions, you'll enjoy the magic system.

Also Aetherpedia Volume 1 has additional solo play rules for the game if that's what you're interested in!!

You get the full version of the game if you buy it here! And once the crowdfunding is complete the files here will be updated so you'll have access to the crowdfunded version.

50% at minimum just means increase by 50% or more if you want to? Its intended to mean that if the client wants one or the other types of rights (commercial or ownership) then you make minimum 50% more money on your base rate. If they want both ownership and commercial rights, double your base rate (increase by 100%)

If someone wants both commercial  and ownership rights of your work, double your rates at minimum. 50% increase for one or the other at minimum. Because losing the right to own or reproduce your own work is a big ask.

Ah this is a fair point, I'll tweak the file names accordingly! Thank you!