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probably not a coincidence.

I'm curious as to what happened to the princess infected with vampirism. I got the impression she had a crush on Mila in the original route, but that could've just been hopeful thinking. It's likely she would've either been killed off or went into hiding. What I really hope for is the appearance of the succubus.

Looking forward to seeing the new designs!

I never used bat form in combat, so I'm happy that I'll have some use for it this time.

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There's a bug when changing tradition, I got placeholder text telling me to report it.

Edit: I'm having a blast with this game though.

when? when finished??

"Alright May, this is my third time, and I've done everything super safe so far, so you two can finally grow old together."


"You motherfu-"

This was my experience. Don't know about everyone else.

I'd already played this game before and I got say that I still enjoy it today. It's very heartwarming to play through one of the better endings, especially the one where you stay friends with both forming a healthy relationship. I still like the characters enough to where I might revisit them down the line.

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Is this game still being developed? 

I enjoyed the 10.8 update. Looking forward to later updates :>

The stress bar went to green, thought i needed to talk, so I clicked the talk option. now I can't do anything, and needed to start from the beginning. This was the Minerva scene, and I'm not sure if it's a glitch or not.

I hop you're happy that I got a paypal just for you! (.^.)

If you had a no fail option, or the option to skip the rhythm portion, I would certainly play it to completion multiple times to see all the routes. I'll revisit every so often to check. Don't think it's a flaw though. As far as I can tell the game runs smoothly, and what I could hear of the music before getting myself killed was beautiful. I appreciate you taking notice of the fools who can't follow a beat to literally save their lives. 

I'm a little disappointed that I paid for this before checking the gameplay. I don't feel lied to or cheated. I just wasn't expecting the rhythm mechanic to go so hard, so quick. The slower parts I can get through just fine, but I'm too spazzy for when it ramps up. I'm frustrated that there's no way to avoid it to just get a forever alone ending, because I do enjoy the quirky characters so far.