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Fantastic game and a great story. Atmosphere was funny when it needed to be and eerie when the story turned dark. Can't wait to see what more you do!

The cornfield... always the dang cornfield! Shoutout to my boy Jake!

Giving Phasmophobia a run for it's money! Seriously a fun concept, would love some more areas/ghost.

I tried my best but it's hard to hide a whole torse in the freezer! Great concept!

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Hell yea! There are a bunch of toilet related games but this was just so fun that I had to play it twice. It made me laugh from the dialogue and just the concept alone! Made me want more from this world!

Wow, as a fan of Dark Souls and souls-like games this made me happy. Seems as if a ton of love went into making this and it shows!

I have now played two of these and I am still astounded that I want more! Fantastic sequel that adds on to the lore of The Poop Killer.

Interesting game. I always have a soft spot for found footage content and this was fun and quick! Enjoyed the hide and seek aspect and wish there was more to discover.

Fantastic concept done in a way that was new to me. I would love this to be expanded on so I can explore more of this twisted world. 10/10.

I am so happy a game like this exists. I will never forget to flush!


Ahhh I loved this game! Played Dead County then this. Both are awesome!

First time playing a game like this and I loved every minute of it!