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Is this currently playable? If i buy here will I get a steam key later?

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...but if he wants to offer me a FREE key I would be glad to cover the itch release on my channels

cuz i would be buying the steam key when it was avail

i am a streamer and a utube, i like to post my vids on steam, so itch without steam is TERRIBLE

if he dont want to go though the proplem to support his customers, he can feking drop dead

"It's only $10 right now so I'm not going to cry about it. "

I'll cry about it, you don't get the fuking point, who wants to buy it TWICE.. it cost the dev NOTHING to give us a steam key later when its avail but to say the itch purchase does not include a steam key is RETARDED

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when will this game be avail on steam? I am not buying on if i don't get a steam key when available..... I will just wait and maybe buy then if i haven't already totally forgotten about your game by then......

that's just a totally retarded policy of your for not offering steam key's to you customer later when they become available.....

I dont see this download link, i installed it, i dont see anything about steam :(

How do I find the Steam key here? I can't wait to play it on Steam now.... I have been a backer for 5 moths now....