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Elder Teck (馃嚙馃嚪)

A member registered Feb 20, 2023

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I sent message for you there, I will send spritesheets together too.

Hello there!

I make a aseprite file with every frame of the character and fx, can I sent to you to you add it for the others?

This made my day! Thank you!


Hello, this rock tilemap was create by you? It's beautiful!

Hello, what is the license to use your trees?

Hello, what is the license to use your trees?

I saw some months ago a Waterfall in your DeviantArt, it's so beautiful. Can you add a waterfall to this pack, please?

There is a build (.exe) with an alternative icon? I don't like this ev!l one

Thank You!

Hello, the file has only the red color.

The download is right? There's only one pack (and it's free), inside there's a preview (in purple) and a spritesheet (in cyan)

Hello, if I join the Patreon, I will not get the older packs?


Hello, the files of the "Free Paper UI System" are inside the "Premium Pack" folder too?

I finally bought this cute beautiful girl, thanks!

So, if i want this one and the $10 blundle, it's worth get 1 month of $9 patreon?

Hello, this one isn't inside the pack ""?

They are all pixel art?

Hello, where is the paid packs?


Hello, what's the license?

Do you have the Green Swords in the other packs (32x32)?

I bought :D

So beautiful, the preview in gray color remember me the rings from the first beyblades

I love this! Can I use the sfx generated to commercial projects?

Ok, I will looking for it. Thanks!

I has mean to recreate some already existing character, thanks for the answer!

I want to buy this one and the "Fantasy Platformer Pixelart Props".
Do you have any plan to make some discount?
(The dollar quotation make it's 5x the price for me, so it's become expensive)

Hello There!

It's good to create the face of a character that I already have or only to something new?

I love this "Scroll Paper" in this page, it's available for use?


The sounds effects that are in the sounds folder can be used with the same license of the music? (For this case and the others demos too)



Hello, there's a music license in description but there's no music in the files


Ol谩, no arquivo ZIP est谩 marcando vers茫o 2.0, mas na pasta que est谩 dentro est谩 marcando vers茫o 2.3, qual 茅 a correta?

脡 nada que voc锚 茅 br kkkkkkk, gostei d+ do seu conte煤do, vou arrumar um dinheiro para adquirir essa cole莽茫o

(1 edit)

Ol谩, eu sou meio novo aqui, eu li a licen莽a (CC0 1.0) e estou com uma d煤vida: Ela pode literalmente tudo?

Hello, what's the license?