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the psx is just a dumb genre when it should just be old shool or 64 bit or whatever, ps1 style games have come up in the past decade and are to blame for this confusion

My only gripe is that While walking I skipped most of the dialogue and its sort of hard to figure out where you're standing sometimes, other than that it looks lovely

I've been slowly chipping away at the bundle and making videos and I gotta say, this one just gives me chills, I felt horror more terrifying than something like slenderman, this could actually happen at any point, a bunch of normal every day people with bricks and household items going up against armored trucks and getting gunned down by the hundreds.

maybe its the atmosphere of our political climate and how close to home it is, I would hope the human race never devolves to this, but the thought is actually bothering me to the core

Great game though I'm having lots of fun and the soundtrack is on-point.

This was actually very nice, did not expect the fan, I recorded the whole thing but I highly reccomend to whoever reads this to play it for themselves, it'll take you bout 15-20 mins and its completely free.

Would love to see a more complicated/ extended version if at all possible.