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It's me, but thanks

A, no es un juego es un recurso para un hacer un juego 

First you have to extract the rar, inside is the file to import

You can work directly at home but if you want it to be different or do other things you will have to edit it in blender.

I removed the clothesline because it caused an error

I don't understand what you mean


Puedes hacerlo por mi Correo o por Twitter

Contact me:

Yes that's fine

Of course add it to this collection.

I already updated the page and comes from where I got the textures.

You have to unzip it

Of course

Possibly but you can change the textures

although those who have used it have had no problems



here is my discord"elbolilloduro"


Yes but I think it's broken I'll do a remake later

Contact me on Discord or Twitter


It's not a game, it's content for make a game.

Of course, there is no problem

Si lo había visto esta muy bueno, Ya tenia planeado hacer otro pero tengo que terminar 2 asset que subiré pronto no debería de tardarme mucho, estaría subiendo el restaurante como a mediados del mes que viene o antes 

Of course

On the knife part it wouldn't let me grab itUntil after a while

I like the game and their history although I was a bit lost in certain parts


Already solved

Do you see the broken materials?

Sorry, the texture was not there

I already corrected it

I saw the game just when a beauty came out

I think so

just leaving a comment

    inspires me to do more


(1 edit)

Yo corregí los personajes en teoría no debería a ver problemas al importar a Unity  

Aun que si no te gustan como se ven tengo unos nuevos en la parte 3 del paquete

Desgraciadamente no vienen con animaciones seria reimportar los personajes después de pasarlos por mixamo con pose T

Of course

I love your game