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Super cool game! I love the juice and thought there was a good variety of enemies.

I don't know Turkish so it took me a second to get the hang of everything, but I really liked it!
Super impressive, and I was amazed to find out it was made in 72 hours. I love the visual polish and artstyle.

Hey Danial,
Thanks so much for releasing and hosting this tool!
My friend was showing off his hacking abilities, so my leaderboard now contains an entry with a score past the integer limit :o
This makes it so that the leaderboard doesn't display in my game at all.
If you wouldn't mind DMing me so we could remove the score listing, that'd be great! 
Thanks a bunch, and sorry to be a pain in the butt!

Thanks for checking it out, and I appreciate the review! I'll be finishing up the game post-jam and adding more features for sure.

Thanks so much! I definitely aimed to add more mechanics, but wanted to focus on ensuring everything else worked first.

Really cool visuals, and the character drifting was an interesting idea!

Cool concept, and I really liked the puzzle on the second level.

Awesome game! I loved the feel and SFX but wished it was a little faster paced :)

Sick game Leo! Love the visual style and vibe. Keep up the awesome work :)

Awesome game & great feel. I love the concept and execution

Thanks so much! We really appreciate it :)

Glad you liked the soundtrack!

Thanks for playing :)

It's ofishal. Your review of our game is fintastic. 

Thanks for playing, and we appreciate the feedback :)

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Good to hear you liked the soundtrack! We'll definitely be updating the gameplay once the jam is over to make it more consistently engaging -- maybe different levels? We appreciate the feedback and thanks for playing!

Very glad to see that other people are vibing with the goofiness of our game!

Thanks for playing :)

This is so creative and fun and absolutely perfect.

The song's not on Spotify lol but we appreciate the comment!

Thanks for playing :)

Good to hear our game changed your life for the better.

Thanks for playing!

Thanks so much for your comment!

I'll be sure to check out your jam submission as well :)

Thanks for checking out our game! I'll definitely take a look at your jam submission too :)

I agree with your comment on the pacing, and will definitely be editing the game accordingly once the rating period is over.

I appreciate the review, and thanks for playing!

Excellent game! I love the polish and the gameplay is very engaging.

I wish there was a way to easily refill health, so I could've beaten the whole game.

Otherwise great job! Easily 5 stars in all categories :)

Love this font, thanks so much for making it! Used it in my game Sandwich Stacker: along with your font Kaph.

(Included you in the credits!)

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Love this font, thanks so much for making it!
Used it in my game Sandwich Stacker: along with your font Bad Comic.

(Included you in the credits!)

Absolutely love this tool!
Used it in my game:
Thanks so much for making it, and I'll definitely be using it in future projects too :)

Great concept, and really impressive execution. 

Maybe my favorite game from this jam so far.

Keep up the good work!

We're glad you caught all of the metaphors and allegories.
Thanks for playing! :)

Thanks for playing!

I'll be sure to check out your jam game too :)

Keeping an eye out for the Hooked on Humans soundtrack at the Grammys this year.

Fingers crossed.

Thanks for the comment, and we're glad you liked it!

Good to hear we were able to deliver an emotional and life-changing experience with only 7 minutes of gameplay.

Thanks for the review!

This comment really made my day!

Thanks for the review, and we appreciate that you checked out our game :)

Great to hear that you liked it! Definitely considering making more music-centric games in the future :)

If this is the best game you've ever played, you certainly haven't checked out my other games at

Jokes aside, thanks so much for playing, and we really appreciate the review!

Glad to hear the song added so much to the game!

I'll definitely keep feedback like this in mind for future games :)

This comment really made me crack up.

Thanks for playing!

Good to hear you liked it, and we appreciate the review!

Thanks for checking it out, and I'll be sure to take a look at your jam entry too!

Happy to hear it was such a transformative experience.

Thanks for playing!

Had a lot of fun smashing plants and furniture, and I think this concept has a lot of potential.

Nice work!