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Thanks for checking out the game, and It's cool you beat it! Also, thanks for pointing out that bug - I think that if you just press escape and then return to the game it fixes.

I love it! Super well-made and it has a lot of charm!

I used some of these assets in my game! You can check it out here:
I made sure to credit you guys also!
Thanks for the awesome free assets!


Thanks for checking it out, I'm glad you had fun! I'll definitely be toning down the screen shake for future games! :)

Thanks for the feedback! It's very cool to see that people are still coming across this game, which I feel like I made forever ago. I appreciate that you checked it out!

Thanks for the kind words, and I'm glad you like the game!

Such a fantastic game! The art style is wonderful and the gameplay feels very satisfying. I'll definitely be checking out your other games!

Great game and awesome visuals. The art style is very unique. I did find myself getting a little bored after a while so I'd recommend some more varied gameplay mechanics later-game for the full version. Good job!

Really clever and funny, I had a blast!

Thanks! The leaderboard is actually real, we host it using PlayFab for Unity. Unfortunately, the player's score rarely is posted to the leaderboard, but we hope to fix it after the jam!

Thanks for the feedback! Because we made it in 48 hours there are still some issues, but we're glad you liked it!

Great visual style, and sound design! The gameplay is a little janky at times, but everything else makes up for it. Overall, I loved the polish, and can definitely envision it becoming a fully-fledged game!

Thanks for checking it out! There are some balancing issues that we'll try to fix post-jam. We appreciate the feedback!

Brilliant concept and excellent visual style. My only complaint would be that losing a life for every shape out of bounds seemed harsh - maybe a time limit would've fit the style better? Anyways, awesome job!

Really nice visually, and addictive gameplay. Reminds me a lot of a VR game called OhShape.

I kid you not, this is without a doubt the best GMTK 2021 game. The visuals are spectacularly simple, the sounds fit perfectly, and the gameplay is just difficult enough without being too hard. The only things that could make it better would be more visual feedback and more levels. Other than that, fantastic job!

Thanks a lot for the feedback, we really appreciate it! We'll definitely keep all that in mind for our next games!

Thanks for playing! There are a couple of balancing issues and the game doesn't always end, but we'll try to fix those post-jam. We appreciate the feedback!

Nice game! Well-balanced and interesting concept. A little short, but good job!

Nice concept and execution! I really liked the dash ability, it felt super satisfying to use. The gameplay was a little confusing at first, but I got the hang of it after a while. Good work!

Absolutely amazing that this was made in 48 hours! Really great gameplay, with polished presentation and a neat concept.

Great presentation and satisfying gameplay! The instructions were cut off, so I had a little trouble at first, but it was really fun once I got the hang of it. Very polished visuals as well!

Very neat concept, and polished execution! I thought that the length was perfect, as it gave me just enough time to learn the mechanics before the awesome bossfight. Great job, 5-starred!

Neat game! The idea is really creative, I love how the depth comes from planning around what's connected to the sword. The music does get a little stale after a while, but overall very cool!

Really cool! The amount of polish is impressive, and I loved the graphics!

Cool game! Really polished gameplay and nice environment. I ended up getting stuck on level 11.

Thanks for playing! Unfortunately, there were a couple of issues with balancing, and the game doesn't always end. We'll fix those after the jam though!

Thanks! We were inspired a little by and!

Thank you!

Thanks! It's interesting a lot of people seemed to have a similar idea involving connect-the-dots type stuff. I'll check out your game as well!

Please don't press the spacebar ever again.

Thank you! We might actually look into a similar concept for a mobile game in the future!

Thanks a lot! Unfortunately the leaderboard isn't 100% working and the game has a couple balancing issues, but we hope to fix them after the jam. We appreciate the feedback!

Thanks for playing! I appreciate the feedback.

Thank you! 

By the way, there's a newer version here:, with some different graphics and a couple of new features like screenwrapping.

Wow, super cool game! I love the art style and sound effects, it is super polished and visually appealing.

Really funny and interesting premise! My favorite part is the gun sound effects, and I love the self-aware comedy. The art style definitely stands out(when I saw the thumbnail I couldn't help but click).
Great job!

You've done it again! Everything from the visuals, to the music to the gameplay is fantastic! Really cool interpretation of the theme as well. I'd love an updated version post-jam with some of the additions you mentioned in the description.

Neat game and a very interesting interpretation of the theme! I like the pixelation effect for the knight, and I feel like the blue orbs add a lot of depth to the gameplay. Good job!

Really impressive! The puzzles are well thought-out and the art is fantastic.