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Christmas update?

where are you ?


more updates  it kills me to have beaten the game already i really like your game you guys would be awesome to add a ton of more teirs.

Hello i am really enjoying your game and i really hope you guys continue to expand it im pritty sure i have mined out most the mountain by now and i cant wait to see future versions 

i just wanted to mentions that I am finding a bug when i asign a pantry it gives me some default room name 

I used to have that issue on my older computer it would start and run but the speed would be slower i think its more of a performance issue.

You Guys need to update the application logo as well as the icon for the tab pleasseeee it still says 3.0 update and its killing me 

Much love

- A Huge fan of this game.

i typed end

i typed end

I won?