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el Viro

A member registered Jun 19, 2023

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Wow, the game get's even better. Yes, it was a tad slow, actually, so thanks so much for your effort!!!

Fun game, thanks for making it available and sharing with us. Feels like being 40 years back (in a good way)!

Ha, muchas gracias!!!

You have to collect the energy capsules, not avoid them :-)
Still, fun, but a little frustrating missing several energy capsules in a row but "collecting" the one missle-shot. Guess that's not the fault of the programmer but the original. Thanks for the game, I'll give it another go.

... or a key like space or whatever.....
But maybe it's just a question of practice. And the game is definitively worth it!

Cool puzzle game, I like it. I wonder if it's possible to collect all presents in every level for bonus points.

600 downloads vs 16 dollars? What's wrong with people?

What a cool and cute game! Everything seems to move at a rather casual speed, but shaking of the enemies makes for plenty of action nevertheless. Fun feature to include magical powers - but I feel pressing a button to use them might actually be easier than pressing the fire button longer (or second button, anyone?).