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Add snapping to an adjustable scale and we'll love you forever.

Sweet!  Thanks so much.

Thank you for another update! Backed last year, so it's been cool to see how this has developed. Quick note/request:  On WMR headsets, it's almost impossible to turn on the visor without giving yourself a concussion.  Any possibility to just make it a key press?  The hand controls can be really tough to activate as well.  The only other thing that would be nice is an option to turn off the 'grainy' look?

Awesome stuff, though.

As always, thanks for working hard on this.  Exciting to see it starting to all come together now.

Excited to dive in and see the new changes.  Thanks!


You know, here's the thing.  I always found the face masks on the NPCs jarring.  Now, they seem prescient and are actually going to add to the immersion.  Real world parallels FTW?

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Just wanted to drop a note of support, saw this profiled on YT.  Had already played Technolust a while back and am glad to see you have continued to up your game.  Everything looks great so far, but I have one suggestion.  (Using WMR Samsung Odyssey+ if that makes a difference).  Suggestion: Could you move the Control Panel of the cruiser back like a foot and a half?  It's so close I have to crane my neck and almost hold my right hand behind my head to press the buttons.  Otherwise, the game looks amazing. You've nailed the atmosphere, love the precision flight control on the cruiser. Happy to support and looking forward to the finished game! (edited to remove bug report, as it was fixed in this update)