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Made a video of this game, it was pretty good, has a good ambiance that makes you feel like you'll get attacked at any time which is good, also I found a desk you can walk through I think you forgot to put collision on it hahaha

Hey checked out your game at about 6:35ish of my video, it was a cool short game, liked the amnesia like way of having to grab and place things to get through that wall but at the same time it was REALLY finicky, I think it could be solved by adding some weight feeling to them, but overall I believe you can make a great game with some more time :)

Many many days later I'm back with the part 2 I said I was going to do :)

It's amazing how everyone feel the same about old games that you know that no one plays anymore, it's kinda of a feeling of loneliness and feeling like you're somewhere you shouldn't be, but at the same time it's kinda of magical, I don't know, but about the game, it was great, I couldn't bring myself to be an asshole and "destroy" the game by beating it, let the guy try to do what he wants to do.

Made a little gameplay of it you can check it here:

So I discovered the birds aren't thaaaat fast, but they're kinda intelligent since they were all together just above the door and just exploded me when I left one of the cabins hahaha.

But anyway, awesome game man, had some fun playing, also while I was recording I found a bug on the boss that you may want to check out.

Yeah a continue function would be a nice thing to add, it doesn't need to be exactly where you were, but certain checkpoints is always good when you have multiple endings so you can just skip some parts you already did.

Oh I didn't even notice the bugs but glad I could give some in-video feedback.

But anyway, as I already said was a really nice game, thank you for watching my video, and I will see if I can get a part 2 done soon :)

I played and made a video about it, it was a very nice experience, I always say the same thing but I REALLY love the old school style graphics, got two of the endings and may go for the other three in another episode maybe. 

I made a little gameplay, sorry if I sound a little mad, it was late and I was really grumpy hahaha it was a nice little game but a little bit unfair in my opinion the wiggly boi there moves too fast and all, but I liked the art style.

Heeey, whatsup, played your game on my latest video, and got kinda confused, did I actually do something wrong and there are more than one endings or it's what happens? But anyway thanks for the game!

Checked out your game, it's a endless runner right? It start at about 6:20 on the video :)

Played your game and damn that's some weird things happening haha very spooky, it starts on about 8:05 of the video.

I'm still confused about what the "monster" and the story is tbh but it was a fun game to play :)

Don't mind me, just another wannabe youtuber making a video about a nice game :)

But for real, good job on the game guys it was really a different experience.

Made a playthrough of it, it was really fun and I loved the old school looking graphics.

Played through your game, had some fun and almost had a small heart attack, nice hahahaha.

But for real, I got a bit confused as of what the hell happened at the end but it's fine.

Looking very good, as I said in the video, love the VHS look to it and the kinda weirdness of it all hope to see and play a full game, nice job colorfiction!

Made a video on it just like a lot of people down here hahaha, the ending was a little bit weird, is it normal that it just closes down? But anyways great game love me some low-res horror games with a little bit of exploration.

Hey Great Idea Games hope you guys don't mind me making this board for gameplays (other creators sure are welcome to post as well if it is okay), it was a fun game to play and maybe I'll make a part two of the video but anyways, here it is: 

Great game ^^ found some bugs like when  tried to check the home planet the game just crashed and at the end I'm not really sure what I did but she became fast as f*** haha but anyway, didn't play all of the game in the video but I'll surely play it when I have time

Already posted on twitter but really liked it, got lost a little but it was my fault haha

I loved every single bit of it, I played more after recording the video to see what some of the other options would lead to and I regret nothing, amazing game man I'm sorry that I forgot your name while recording the video but I left a pinned comment with your twitter to kinda make up for it hahaha.

(Hope you don't mind my silly humor and accent)

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Alright so I didn't complete the game yet but I just felt like I should say, I downloaded it with the intention of making a video because it looked good, I wasn't able to record it in the best settings (because my computer sucks) so I decided not to record at all but I was really surprised by the quality of the game, I know that the assets aren't yours by what you said but they were really well put together and the game looks very polished (didn't get very far in yet tho).

Also I noticed the machine learning in the playground part and wanted to ask, are you a fellow computer science student like me? haha

And lastly I wanted to congratulate, it feels like a game that would be sold at Steam, kinda hyped to see your next projects.

I loved the game, sorry by the somewhat raw footage and not so good english in my video but I thought I should post anyway:

The art looks really good,  I would love to play it but I don't speak french will there be an english version? 

Found all the endings, really nice game would really like to see a full game like this, loved the visuals, they have a Silent Hill vibe to them.