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Hello Res, you have a typo in the game description:

"Six Before Midnight was made ..."

Brilliant update! Definitely tougher! Love the citymap, gives a grander sense of being a vigilante.

Also love the new artwork banner on the page! Haven't reached the end on AFv0.5... Can we really dualwield? 

Very responsive controls
like the soundtrack!

I would love if you developed "Dome Romantik" further, and want to pay you for an expanded version of the game. Your "Of Mice and Moggies" title is ready for purchase, but it just isn't for me. Is there a download count or rating count threshold where you'd consider further development/accept payments?

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Super responsive controls, though I had some trouble with what felt like the character sliding just a bit on the landing (maybe my imagination? I never played the original)  Great soundtrack, fits perfectly!

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Thank you for sharing this! Very happy with the play mechanics!  Had a lot of fun playing it, felt the pressure as the monster timer ticked down! If you want feedback, I want to ask for a theme to play depending on how well things are going (i.e. manic music when the dome is damaged and the monster timer is getting close to zero, etc.). I vote for additional music as a future enhancement if you choose to revisit this title for future updates. (haven't heard the ending track yet)

Great execution, VERY polished, much love for the visual aesthetic from the palette to character design to visual fx to level transitions! I never tire of twin-stick action, you have a winner on your hands with this game.

Enhancement requests: 

* Really like the parallax of the frame surrounding the gameplay area.... want more than one frame theme

* More stereo please!  Would love to hear the player character sound fx to pan left/right depending on where the player character is onscreen

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Y E S ! BRILLIANT! Please post an HTML5 version to play in-browser

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Very fun concept! Tough difficulty curve. Held my attention, and I've actually come back to play it more than once.  Music and color palette really suit the visuals.  Honestly you have a real winner with this idea, should translate to mobile audiences well. Hurry up and port it to Android/iOS before someone takes your idea! 😆 Just paid for the game, too.

Great execution for sound, graphics!  One thing I'd ask you'd consider changing how quick it takes to play again after the player loses their ship.  Once the one ship is lost, the player has to click several times through the main menu, and intro screens before they can play again. Please consider making it quicker to restart.  

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Text on your game page is dark on dark so it's hard to read. Game itself? EXCELLENT WORK!  Played all the way through and had a lot of fun with it! Perfect execution of the aesthetic: great choice of sound effects, good pairing of music, good work on the graphics!

Oh, most importantly, I didn't hit a single bug :-)

Thanks for making it playable in-browser!

Super responsive controls, perfect pacing, great chiptune music. Well done! the only criticism I have: sometimes when bringing the last fuel dollop to the rocket, the rocket takes off with the top segment still colored white. 

.. or maybe the original Spectrum title had that same bug and you're just being accurate? 😁

I would recommend implementing multiple difficulty levels only if there's any intention to actively promote/sell copies of the title i.e. making easy, normal, and hard difficulty modes would appeal to wider audiences. Otherwise Need 4 Meat is excellent as-is!

Pretty tough, but it makes sense. Great play mechanics, responsiveness, art, and sound!

Great premise!  Art style fits theme nicely, kudos for the soundtrack! Perfect candidate for multiple endings.

Great work, you captured the feel of the original so perfectly considering this is a PICO-8 release.

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This is OUTSTANDING! And thank you for hosting the OST at Soundcloud!