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Alex don't worry - I didn't realise there's 2 options right at the end - I assumed one was a title and one was an option. It's all good, I'm looking forward to chapter 2!

I just played this and it's really cute! However at the credits, the default is "don't export and exit" which I pressed by accident as the arrows were really close together! I wanted to export to start in Chapter 2 so it's a shame! Not sure if can be fixed but I really enjoyed it.

FYI the game runs, but Windows Defender doesn't trust it due to unknown publisher - not sure if it's something you can fix on your end!

Windows Defender detects this as a virus when installed - now sure if you can do something about it from your end!

Very lovely art style and music - great theme too! I could not get past the falling blocks for the life of me but I'm bad at platformers!