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I actually just got a beta so next update should have more corrections 

hello! So glad you are looking forward to the update! As for the errors I catch them when I get the chance as I am a full time college student as well as having a part time job and this is a WIP so it’s going to happen. But last I checked there weren’t to many typos or grammatical errors that I hadn’t caught. Let alone enough to ruin the experience. Hope you continue to enjoy the game though. And once it’s completed the errors will all be taken care of.

That issue should now be officially fixed!

I’ve been struggling with that in coding for some reason. I’m trying to get rid of the light mode entirely and it is not wanting to work for me. 

I just kept getting the bittersweet endings! It’s good I finally figured out how to get happy ones

is there a guide for this game? I can never get a proper happy ending

Never mind I’m just stupid I got it sorted

I also have the windows version 

How do I replace the files? Or where would I replace them?

So i biught it s=from steam and used the link for the 18 plus how do i know its working? i unzipped the file but the game looks pretty much the same