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Thank you so much! I loved writing this small world & I've been loving watching others explore it. 

I'm glad you enjoyed! 

All my books are up (for free download) at, and I've got a fiction podcast "Second Star to the Left" that just wrapped production! 

I'm also working on a new IF game... so watch this space!

Exciting! Thanks for providing, I'll have to check this out...

No, it's a special Jo ending :)


If you find out enough about Suzette's research, you'll learn how she does the spell (so ask her lots of questions in the History path & be nice). Then in future lives, you'll be able to find the spell (before she learns it!) and destroy it. Then she'll be okay (for that life), even if you later go south. 

Alternatively, befriend Jo & steal the relics & take them south with you. Jo will ask Suzette to help, and this will give Suzette enough of a purpose that she won't have the same breakdown later on. Suzette loves a Cause. 

Good luck! 

There are other paths -- you should be able to save Suzette in the magic or combat majors; and you should be able to save both Suzette and the south. There's a few ways to do this-- I'll let you explore. But let me know if you keep getting stuck! 

Thanks for letting me know! I've been trying to fix that bug, but I haven't quite gotten it yet...

I'm glad! Those are some great lives to live

Let me know if you want tips!! You can always call a friend ;)

I can see it...

You can save the south with folks other than Esteban, if that was the question?

My spouse calls Myka their "game wife" :)

Esteban isn't the only one you can go south with... I think that will help you! 

Thanks! Yeah, it was important to me that befriending and romancing a character were both equivalent "win states."

Thank you, I'm glad! 

Keep exploring!

I'm glad you enjoyed it! There's definitely more to explore if you want to... ;)

You can keep retrying in-game, in character. Even once you can stop the comet, you can drop the stone and not "stay," it will take you back to the beginning again with all your same knowledge. 

Thank you for sharing your story! One of the things that's so fun about game writing is there's all these stories and experiences new to me and unique to the player that get to happen, and I love to hear about them. Esteban is a treasure and I'm glad you liked the sea!

I'm so glad this world offered you exploration and respite! It was a really meaningful adventure for me to write while penned up in 2020 so I'm glad it struck a good chord with you as well. 

I'll try to track down that bug, thanks!

Thank you! :)

I don't know if any rigorous walk through, but there's some general pointers down in the comments! One note-- make sure to go off to the hills when that option occurs, and explore!

Love it! What a good life, thank you for sharing.

Very nice!

Thank you very much! I'm so glad

I'm so glad you liked it!! And the pen's still going -- working on a new game now!

I'm so glad! <3

Thank you!

I'm so glad, thank you! 

Don't go south yet! Get the Gem from the lion's head, and then live your life in Elaia for a little. Go to the archives/history path if you want Jo... Good luck!

A couple options: 

- Do a life where you go the history route, go out drinking with Suzette and Jo, and pay attention to Jo so they tell you about their thesis... 

OR do a run where you don't go south, go to war and get the relic, then end your life with either Suzette OR Jo as your romantic partner/best friend... they should point you in the right direction

But this is a good corner case! I'll try to write in a catch-all pathway, to point you to how to get to the stone if you've found the "best ending" without having yet been told that... Hm. I'll try to see where that fits in. You're the first one to hit this particular sequence of events, that I know of!

I believe it saves to the browser -- I don't know if it can be transferred or not! 

Ha mistake on my part-- history not magic yes!

I'm so glad!

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History track,  try going drinking with Suzie&Jo and then pay attention to Jo... 

Try asking Suzette more about her research... I promise there is a way! 

Oh god, I think like eighteen? I tried to make it fun. You can read them all on my patreon (ejadelomax). 

Have you talked with Mr. Pent in the magic shop? 

Hint: you can also translate the word without learning Archaic, if you take Myka to the city with you... Just go hang out with her instead of going to the ball! 

Oh I don't know! Did you get the confirm message when you saved? Are you using the same browser? Same device?

I'm so sorry this happened & wish you luck in recovering it!

Okay I'll check that out, thank you! I'll post a bug fix when I've got it. 

Very cool! :)