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Those sensitive artist types… 

Ah, I’m so glad!!

He’s a good lad! 

She can do it! 

I’m so glad you liked it!! Bec and her snarliness are very near and dear to me. 

Besties is the height of victory tbh 

28, very nice!!! Thank you for investing so much into living those lives with the protagonist. 

Thank you! 20 is a great run 

I’m so glad it resonated with you!! The protagonist deserves so much peace by the end, yes!

good job!!!!

Ah, I love that ending! 

S L A Y !

If I’m remembering the intended design right, that sounds like a bug! I’ll see if I can fix that up sometime!

I think that’s really fair! If I go back for a bug fix or a v2.0 sometime, I’ll try to pencil that one in. It’s a good end!

Yes, there are no wrong answers! Just lives to live.

I’m glad you’re trying out IF writing, it’s so fun! I’m taking a break to work on my novels but I’m eager to dive back into some IF when I can… 

Ah I’m so glad, thank you! 

I hope you found your best ending! 

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it 

If you learn archaic from Mister Pent and then go to the lake, that should do it (let me know if not because that’s a bug!). To get Myka to go to the lake with you, I believe you need to hang with her at the lab instead of going to the ball— you can suggest it then I think, if you tell her about the time loops. But to be honest it’s been years since I wrote this! 

Ah thank you!! 

Afraid not! If you take off for the hills, there’s no path to let you come back and do the comet. 

Delightful! That’s a wonderful ending and a wonderful QPR. 

I’m so glad! I loved writing Chris’s full story— I think in some ways his, like Suzette’s in Stay?, is the most potentially transformative. He’s got range :)

Thank you, I’m so glad! My wife loves Tam :)

I’m adding an update soon that I think will make play a little smoother and also add trophies! 

Fun & funny! 


No. JKR being a hateful terf bummed us out, so we’re distancing ourselves from the canon for our own sanity. 

Ah thank you!

Thank you so much! Sweet with a question mark works very well :)

Ah I’m so glad, thank you for playing!

Thank you so much! 

That’s a great ending!!

I think they will be satisfied and settle down eventually— but I think it will be in a new place, one of the portal towns they travel to and fall in love with, and not where they grew up. 

Thank you!! 

Thank you! 
There are ways to get *more* memories, but I wouldn’t say there’s a way to get *all* of them. 

Depends how much you know already! While you can learn more about Aunt Bev and her choices, I wouldn’t say this game will ever give you the “full” story. 

Be kind to him! Also make sure to befriend Gwyn as well— there’s some content with her that will unlock Chris content. Daisy also unlocks some Chris content. 

The ending doesn’t depend on the dreams— it depends on your relationships with the characters and what they’re willing to help you with or offer to you. The more friends you make, the more options you will have. There’s quite a few different possible endings! 

Thank you! You’re incredible

Romance Bec! You can do it! 

Thank you for exploring this world and caring about these characters.