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Aw I’m glad you liked it! It’s a little unpolished but I had a good (short!) time XD — might be fun to expand & polish someday

Thank you!

Fun & funny! 


No. JKR being a hateful terf bummed us out, so we’re distancing ourselves from the canon for our own sanity. 

Ah thank you!

Thank you so much! Sweet with a question mark works very well :)

Ah I’m so glad, thank you for playing!

Thank you so much! 

That’s a great ending!!

I think they will be satisfied and settle down eventually— but I think it will be in a new place, one of the portal towns they travel to and fall in love with, and not where they grew up. 

Thank you!! 

Thank you! 
There are ways to get *more* memories, but I wouldn’t say there’s a way to get *all* of them. 

Depends how much you know already! While you can learn more about Aunt Bev and her choices, I wouldn’t say this game will ever give you the “full” story. 

Be kind to him! Also make sure to befriend Gwyn as well— there’s some content with her that will unlock Chris content. Daisy also unlocks some Chris content. 

The ending doesn’t depend on the dreams— it depends on your relationships with the characters and what they’re willing to help you with or offer to you. The more friends you make, the more options you will have. There’s quite a few different possible endings! 

Thank you! You’re incredible

Romance Bec! You can do it! 

Thank you for exploring this world and caring about these characters.

Thank you! I’m glad you’re replaying it; I think there’s some fun stuff to find in multiple runs! 

I’m glad you found your path!! 

I’m glad! The “epilogues” section at the end was one of my favorites to write, because I wanted every ending to feel satisfying no matter your path. 

Thank you for your comment! Esteban love all the way 

Yes, exactly. Once you solve the “puzzle” you begin to have the option to “stay” at the end of each life— then it’s up to you to decide which life you want to keep. 

Thank you for sharing your story! I love hearing about the paths and choices people take through Stay?. And I love thinking about Jo at the start, and all the things that kid has been through… feeling more and more camaraderie with their echo through the story is one of my favorite things. 

You earned that happy ending! Thank you for the review; I really appreciate it <3

I adore Jo so much, and am so glad when they sneak up on people’s adventures. I’m so glad the choices mattered to you— I wanted to build a story where you could change the world. 

20+, very nice! I’m so glad you enjoyed your adventure and found your ending <3

Thank you for sharing your story!! That is such a good ending and I love hearing about people’s adventures in Elaia. I miss this world!

Thank you, I’m so glad! This was my first foray into choice-based storytelling and such a delight to make 

Love to see Esteban getting some love <3

I’m so glad you enjoyed it— and that you found it again!

Thank you so much! I loved writing this small world & I've been loving watching others explore it. 

I'm glad you enjoyed! 

All my books are up (for free download) at, and I've got a fiction podcast "Second Star to the Left" that just wrapped production! 

I'm also working on a new IF game... so watch this space!

Exciting! Thanks for providing, I'll have to check this out...

No, it's a special Jo ending :)


If you find out enough about Suzette's research, you'll learn how she does the spell (so ask her lots of questions in the History path & be nice). Then in future lives, you'll be able to find the spell (before she learns it!) and destroy it. Then she'll be okay (for that life), even if you later go south. 

Alternatively, befriend Jo & steal the relics & take them south with you. Jo will ask Suzette to help, and this will give Suzette enough of a purpose that she won't have the same breakdown later on. Suzette loves a Cause. 

Good luck!