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Version 1.0 (2nd April 2016)

New features:

  • Changed names of the cards followingly:
    • - militia -> recruitment, assassin -> sniper, bomb -> dynamite
  • Added new card images for the remaining cards:
    • - Bomber, airdrop, revolution, soldier, sniper, recruitment, barracks, barbed wire, factory, dynamite, speech, med-kit
  • Added background element for the information section for both players
  • Added name texts for players

Bug fixes:

  • Fix bug that caused card effects to flash wrongly if cards were played quickly
  • Music now loops
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Version 0.1.1 (17th March 2016)

New features:

  • Possibility the quit a started game
  • Added music to title and game
    • Epic by BenSound and Duel by BenSound
  • Added a card click sound effect
  • Changed images for following cards: propaganda tower, panzer, thief
  • Changed the name of panzer to tank
  • Changed fonts of the cards
  • Changed the background in title and game screens
  • Added an experimental Linux build


  • Lowered initial resource amount to 4
  • Increased the price of resource generation improvement cards (i.e. bootcamp, factory and propaganda tower)
  • Speech costs morale instead of supplies, earns 6 morale now
  • Added a morale cost of 1 to soldier

Bug fixes:

  • Card highlight has now a proper width
  • Unified outline effect in the images of the cards
  • Fixed scaling differences between the scenes

Version 0.1 - Initial release

The first working prototype. Game works, has a tutorial and single- and multiplayer options.

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Do you feel like General Mayhem could be improved? I sure do. In this topic you can tell what sucks, why it sucks and how it could be improved.

Current list of things to do:

  • Audio
  • Graphical improvement.
  • Linux build
General Mayhem community · Created a new topic Bug reports
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Here you can report possible issues you encounter during game that should be fixed. You can also see what exciting bugs have been found and are under investigation.

  • Issues with the scaling of title screen
  • The red and green colors in change texts get mixed if cards are played quickly