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E.J. Sandberg

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Hi guys, thanks for dropping by.

Aware of the issues in the current build and have a back-log off bugs that needs to be fixed. Try refreshing or another browser, it should work and run on any but recommend google chrome.

Also have plans to re-do the whole game from scratch and put it up to the current stage and expand it from there. Goes without saying that it's quite the job but nothing that can't be done.

Appreciate the follows and the comments here, good and critique - it's awesome to see that it still is living and breathing on its own here - but now, I've given you my word that I will pick AST up again and together I truly believe we can do it!

Thank you and stay awesome:)

- E. J. S.

Sure was and is! Heavily inspired by it and we lent the music from it, as a homage to its legacy. Looking at it in retrospect we should have written it in the credits. Since there was no commercial release of AST or any revenue made of it there was no problem to use it.

- E.J.S

Hi guys - haven`t been active here lately so late post; sorry for all the trouble you`re having with the game, shouldn`t be a problem running but seems like it is; will try to look into it. 

The development and game itself is dead as for now but it might change.

- E.J.S