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It's out

 I don't have the link rn

But it's on Gamebanana


But i get the sprites n all set up now just some sounds and ill upload it to game banana


the pack itself is actually almost finished just gotta add some sounds and fix some sprites and do the baldi sprites

Basic'9 community · Created a new topic 3d model of Baldi

Does anyone know if the model used for baldi or pineapple i guess

Is public or a private cause i wanted to make a small texture pack for bb+ with all of the sillies in here


Awesome i hope you guys find the time

Will there be Femboy versions?

Futas are already a thing so Femboy versions would be to outta reach right?


i thought it was canceled

But im glad to see it back

Makes sense for a lot of  characters you would probably need permission first

From looking at it it seem pretty fun but it would be amazing if even more characters from different games from different could join the cast like a porn game Smash Bros


Can you date both nymph and nymosa or is tye other one locked after the trail?

Where can I for me the Lipstick Kit or Lolita Cat Head for the Kitsune and Nekos?

if mario, then only gangsta

Just the pure idea of a split screen porn game is a really weird but also really fun. I really love the art style. and a spooky porn game is always fun. And i wish you luck for the continued Development

*hype intensifys

Well that looks pretty Sick

You could make new ones and make an Intuit to use the old ones

This makes me so fucking hyped for the full release 

Ich würde es auch gerne haben um ein paar dumme Animationen zu machen 

So what’s about the Dog Girl will she be a capture able Monster girl or stay a npc

This may be a bit random but did you play FNIA: Reborn and what are your thoughts on it?

How can I encounter Kitty?

I have looked everywhere and can’t find it