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Either would be fine for me. But now that we have a Frank & dirty socks new year celebration art,  a good chance you might materialize some feet-related stuff ingame for our dearest Frank? I mean c'mon he has a big feet achievement already...(wink wink)

Hope everything is OK..... cuz we've been witnessing a slowing update pace in the past few months..

 The R18 DLC version “is expected to” add Harry's Top event......I mean it's not something you can miss while reading the sentence, right?

So no animated sex event version with voice acting until after all perfect endings are done?

Love it,  looking forward to the animated version with voice acting. Pls leave Frank an adorable TOP as he is. Would it be too greedy to expect more from Frank?

Hooray to all fans of Frank!!!

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Could you give a hint on when Frank's R18 sex event is due? as you've already known, Frank is always our fav.~~~~~

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Hi Ryu, my computer system was restalled, and I lost the saves of the game, do I have to get another R18 DLC key to activate the content( already got one and activated the R18 content before restalling system)? or it sticks with my account and I don't have to reactive it.

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CD key well recieved, btw any chance you could give a hint (and meanwhile avoiding big spoiler) if there is gonna be some follow-up content on the achievement of Frank's big feet;)

Hi I just bought the game and sent the request for R18 dlc key but no response yet, could you please help check?