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Thank youuu Claudio :)

Thank you, MrPoulet! (Ou puis-je dire "merci" ? :D)

I love the art of your game too, this traditional aspect is beautiful!

Thanks, N_Knight!

Thank you very much! 馃槉

Simple game but funny and I love ducks! Spacebar makes my browser scroll down so it was a bit tricky

The first sound scared me x) But nice job!

Very original, i love it!

Very cool game, love the visuals! :)

Thank you! 馃槉

Thank you very much!

That was close x) Thank you very much!

Thank you very much! :)

Thank you, LucidDH! :) Yep, we have to think more on how we want to display the final game, maybe a camera view a bit less zoomed to see both worlds at the same time (and the flip!)

Oh, thank you very much ! We're happy you had fun :) Yep, we hadn't enough time to create a more elaborated level, but we will continue to develop the game!

Je crois que c'est ce qui ressort le plus, le manque de tuto au d茅but! En plus on l'avait pr茅vu, mais pas eu le temps :) Merci beaucoup pour ton avis, c'est tr猫s gentil!

Thank you very much for this feedback James !