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Now that was a nice experience! Thank you!

I had a small bugs (on Linux): the credits suddenly stopped at the thanks part (without having shown anybody to thank).

Default on Linux: [Steam folder]/steamapps/common/A\ Short\ Hike/

Steam folder might or might not be ~/.steam/steam

I talked about this with fellow Linuxers. My gist would be: Do ask, we're mostly nice people. :) But someone came up with a technical solution as well (we all know, social stuff can be hard ;) ):

Got it, thanks! I was planning to support your game anyway, but you made me curious for the actual DLC contents as well. Good luck with your further endeavours!

I'm unsure... is there a special link to buy the DLC or is that contained in the main game and I buy that one for whatever I find appropriate?


Do you want to tell why this has been an obstacle, given you got a Linux version running all fine and Steam supports Linux?

Ah, that's good to know! (Well, actually to be reminded of again...) So I'll try to use itch.

I guess you already know the article, but I came here due to gamingonlinux:

Good luck with all your endeavours and stay safe!

You're sick in the very best of ways.
Thanks for providing this.
I'm looking forward to pay some bucks
as soon as you accept them on Steam.
(I hope you'll add Linux there, too.)