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Dang, that was a seriously solid demo!

The horror dungeon crawler vibes were executed very well.

This is the only roguelike I've played that always calls me back. It's so far head and shoulders above all the competition it's wild!

It feels only proper to print this out and color in all the sketches!

It's really fun, but once you unlock the anitvirus the game is kinda just over. I think you should be able to buy some hillariously expensive things for your cat with all this wealth!

My friend and I loved doing the 1v1's, fun trivia game!

4.2/5 no brick break ;D

Always love to see an old school game like this come back.

What a wonderful little game, with several very unique mechanics!

Awesome little project!

Pretty interesting


The fights in dungeon mode are quite fun, looking forward to the full release!

Totally wicked vibe, really makes me feel like I have stepped into a world that I don't belong in.

: )

Amazing stuff, lots of nostalgia for me. If you do get around to doing that box run I'll get one for sure!

Awesome little game!