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Big oof when I tried to run this in VR! Something seems to be configured incorrectly.

This is great! Very eerie. I also love the artwork of the trees. Very simple but effective to make them billboarded 2D objects. If this had a story/narrative along with it, it'd be powerful magic.

Yo this game rocks. Wish it were going to be fleshed out into a full experience. The locomotion, in context with the combative aspect of trying to escape enemies, is really fun.

I love this

Wow that seems so hostile to small developers.  I'm sorry to hear that. Thank you for the response.

it doesn’t seem like the iOS link works anymore, is it still available for that platform?

Just tested on PC and it also runs with the Rift S on Chrome 👍 (though one of the controllers is at an odd angle). I like how the color picker works!

Very satisfying ☺️

Very cool and peaceful in VR. I wish we were closer to our neighbors! Thanks for this lovely demonstrations.

the good news is that Itch does support WebXR (I've played other WebXR games here). The bad news is that this game never seems to load. 🙁

I love this!! Holy cow