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you can use it as you wish, just be kind enough to credit me in your project :)

😂😂 guys , I swear : I develop on mac and I didn’t take too much attention on how the gamepad react on the windows version . What you did should really have casted that spells 😅 (on mac version)

Anyway you enlighted me on tons of useful things that I wasn’t aware of while I’m playing. After all I know the mechanics of the game while I’m playing, but I’ve never seen others testing my prototype, so you really point me out big issues I’ve never seen on just 2 mn of play !

Big thanks for that, you should consider making more a kind of beta tester channel:  I have a need for that, and I fell like i’m not the only one who could use that kind of service.

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Ok thanks, extracting the dmg to the app folder and using the command did the trick :)
Weird, as detailed in this article:

this security thing should appear only with zip downloaded on the net, (not from local network or usb file) but as I see it happens with the .dmg file too (I mean not zipped..well although dmg is a kind of compression too)

Anyway I'm glad to play it, it's really fun ( ˶ˆᗜˆ˵ )

 great job

Edit : 72hours!! most people don't realize the amount of work it requires to do that in so little time (It nearly took me a year to make a playable demo  TᴖT )

and found Bugs: on Mac at the start of stage 3 once grandma start talking after the player complains about turning too much left and use a drug to compense, the game crashes.

And a little other one but it helps me a lot: if you quit the game and choose continue, you'll start on the next stage

Hi, just to inform that sadly none of the Mac version works under Monterey nor Ventura OS. :(.  (under Ventura not playable with a forbidden sign on it, and on Monterey, the app says that the download has been damaged - usually appears if you missed some libraries)

thanks a lot :)


Sure you re free to do whatever you like, i’m glad it helps you on your project.

Just a little credit to me on your project will be appreciated ;)

Thanks again for this, with your permission I used (and tweak a little) it in my project.

If you want to see you work in live action:

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Hi thanks again, glad that you liked it :)

I didn't knew for Godot : the new file is updated with png and ball in separate sheets.

Hi, First I'd like to say that I LOVE your work.
Second, I know that we got permission to use your assets in our projects, but this one slightly differs : I had to modify your assets a bit to fit my project, can I still use your name on credits ?