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For some reason, that dead-end behind the start intrigues me so much I didn't make it past the first corridor yet. I literally went as far as walking into the right wall, then looking straight down and trying to walk right in order to access a potential easter egg.

I mean, this game is tagged Backrooms, so I guess the reference is intentional.

A really promising-looking game. The screenshots give me strong Backrooms vibes.

Looks super promising! Definitely checking it out, and I'm also gonna give you a follow for future chapters.

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What kind of jank could you possibly produce that lets the game run on Win10, but not on Win7? (Haven't tried it yet, just curious about your remark.)

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It was pretty fun until pressing Q turned the screen black.

Also, web-only? That's a bad idea. People want to play offline.

Same. How the heck are you supposed to get past that corner with that Right/Down sequence with one move in between??? Especially since you end on the tile below the Bridge due to the previous Down. You can't end on the middle bridge tile with Right because the next Down will force you off the bridge.

Unless you somehow end the Right on the corner... Hold on, I might be onto something.