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Thanks :D

Thanks a lot, it was pretty hard to balance the difficulty since I memorized all the fake flags while playtesting :D

I too think that it was annoying when the same flags popped up all the time, but I had no inspiration left for new flags lol

Bruh, I thought I fixed that, but I only fixed it for the timed mode. Thank you

Thanks :), There is actually a 1 second cooldown if you press the wrong flag, so there is still some penalty for it

Thank you 4 saying that, I accidently set it to 0 instead of 20, that might be why game progression is so slow.

True, I had a bit of struggle making the prices right, and I think I made them a bit to expensive.

Thanks :), I also think they are a bit expensive,  my though was to make it a bit like cookie clicker, like you have it on like afk or something idk... but I totally agree.

Overall a very good game, satisfying to play, good graphics.

YES very good me love it

Amazing audio and graphics. : ) Good gameplay as well. Except for the speed thing that makes you go superfast. If you get that it is a instant death.

Very interesting :) I like it. It blends in nicely with the theme. The mechanic is a little hard to understand for me bc im not a pro gamer but I definetly like the concept.