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pretty fun and interesting

feel free to check out our game as well


Nicely done, you could use the rope to deflect the enemies or pull them towards yourself thereby killing yourself.
it's fun, needed a little bit of getting used to. 

it got installed pretty fast within seconds.

now .. I didn't enjoy the aspect ratio of the game, I kept pressing outside the game window. 

overall, Well done.

The lag oh my godd, 

i will be honest, instead of the orbiting camera, having control would have felt better also motion blur not good.

I'll be honest i didn't know what i was doing. 

why is there sound in space??

(1 edit)

There is a visual cue, the line gets thinner till it snaps. 

Though more audio cues will help.

Nice, it is fun.
the concept is interesting, could definitely see it becoming a full game. I only played the web version which was a bit janky because of the window size.

well done pascal and lukas

"My friend,if only  you knew the other paths you'r life  could've taken, you would've been thankful for this one." very real and well said.

Also i like how choosing a different language still gives you English. Well done since the theme was Out Of Control.

بجد لعبة جميلة .


Really fun game i genuinely enjoyed playing it UWU.