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If I purchase this do I get a Steam key?

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I can no longer buy this on Steam, you have posted that you want to retire it so there is no check out option. I have purchased it here but I would like a Steam key if possible please to add it to my library. If I pay more is it possible to get one please?

it turns out you haven't set an Australian price on Steam and every game like that is now purchase disabled here.

Is this your only Steam game? I would like to buy keys for any other you had please.

Hi, I'm looking for a Steam key, if I buy this do I get one please?

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I'm after a Steam key, does this come with one please?
I'm also trying to track down a Steam key for Sci-fi highway racer & Caveman adventures if they are yours as well please? I have all of your other games already except Police car chase which I messaged you on it's Itchio page.
I have since bought a steam key for this from you on G2A but I'm still after the other if you can help please?

If I buy this do I still get a Steam key please?

Does this come with a Steam key please?

If I buy this can I get a Steam key please to properly add it to my steam account?

Does this purchase come with a Steam key?

Yep, looks like it's fixed now. Thanks.

If I buy this do I get a Steam key please?

It looks like your right. They apparently have a "reveal this product" option on each game. If it isn't revealed you trade it with all keys but if it is revealed it then shows "reveal key" options on each platform it may have keys for and they can then be set to trade-able individually. I didn't use the trade system very often and didn't notice. Not sure if it should be conducted that way but it is. Thanks for your help, looks like I was mislead. 

Yeah, I was shown a screen shot of a friends one and he had a steam key icon but mine didn't. It's obviously a problem at Groupees end and I will email them as soon as I get around to it myself. I think it's because I got mine through their trading system and it was probably marked for trade by the original purchaser before the steam keys were added. Looks like a glitch in their key allocation.

Hi, I just redeemed my key from Groupees and was wondering how I get the Steam key? Thanks. :)

That is terrific. Thank you very much. It's really annoying how Steams FTP games don't bind properly. Collectors like me have to hunt around for keys for them all. Plus as it removes the game from libraries when they are not installed it means you Dev's need to headline again so you are not forgotten because they can't see the game in their library anymore. Anyway, enough of my whining. Thanks once again for the prompt reply.

Some of my friends used to buy this version because it came with a Steam key for the Steam version. I know the Steam version is free, but that's exactly why they wanted the key. The free games don't bind to our accounts properly so we need a key for them. Anyway the question is, does it still come with a steam key if I buy this? If not, can I donated for it and get emailed one please?