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i really fell in love with this game! i launched it on a whim because i was bored and now i'm in tears

i love each and every character, and rutaboo made me cry (happy tears! heartwarming tears!) and i'm gonna hc a platonic? romantic? crush thing between cyrus and yen

yeah i'm really happy. thank you so much for the experience!!!!

this was absolutely adorable <3 i played it because i was interested in the art but i think it was really worth the download!

the story is really soft and i like how the love interests were more.. platonic interests than romantic because it seems all mc really needs is a good friend (or two)!

the plot line is so sweet and although the story is pretty linear, i like how the little choices affect little things like dialogue delivery and idk the dynamic between elijah and noah is reaaaaally sweet! it makes me want to know more about the relationship between the two and how close they are, along with how they met and how their friendship came to be

honestly? i like how the mc's powers don't really show themselves much in the plotline! although it would be nice to see, it's cool that that element is treated so casually in the story <3

great work!

hello !!! i found this game via tumblr and i rly love this and it was genuinely funny (as in waking up my sister at 3am due to laughter funny) and it's just! really soft! and well written!

i'm an queer asian teen girl myself and i'm also kind of delving into my orientations and seeing this kind of representation makes me !!! :D!!! and i get all kinds of warm inside and. yes. thank you so much