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This works perfectly, thank you!

Could you possibly assign a more specific license to these sprites? (i.e. MIT, Creative Commons, etc.) I want to use this for a project but am not allowed to unless it has a more legally binding license attached to it. Thanks!

Adorable and very funny gimmick. Only wish it went on for longer!

This is the Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy of GMTK2020.

Very fun! Fits the GMTK theme of Out of Control very well. Could easily kill a decent amount of time on this. Graphics and concept are adorable, gameplay is very original and fair but tough. Wonder how far people can get in it?

Best score: 152

Interesting idea with having the ship be almost completely modular. I love the art assets and aesthetic. The ship is very difficult to control even when you're not missing pieces that are vital to steering. (I think that some parts of the ship involve control?) Controls could be helped if pressing Sown/S decelerated the ship. Enemies will spawn right on you making it difficult to stay alive for long. The FOV is pretty small for how fast the player goes so it's very easy to run directly into enemies.

Overall, nice idea!