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A member registered Jun 28, 2017

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This game is absolutely amazing. If it's not already part of your plan, you should add multiplayer and maybe voice chat? So it will be as realistic as possible. I would buy it instantly. 10/10

If someone stops developing this I'll be mad. SO DOPE! 10/10 Looking forwards to the full release! Amazing!

Hi, I love cosmoteer! It's the first game ever which actually gave me what I was looking for. All though I do miss launch bays for ships. So if you made a ship big enough, you could park other ships in that bigger ship. Some sort of ''ship carrier''. Otherwise it's a 10/10.

Thats amazing! Looking forwards to that update. 

Hello. I love this game so much!! All tho i would love it even more if you could build starbases and carriers for smaller ships (like docks so you could dock the ships). Otherwise: awesome!