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Nice game! Where can I download?

Ohhh okay

Yeah at least they have a macOS demo, not sure if you need to buy Pico-8 to run it though.

Visuals from the images and gif look a little overwhelming.

You may as well be an Aseprite developer! So many extensions :D

can't get past first level xD

theme: size doesn't equal strength

tool: Bfxr (macOS port of sfxr)

Sick, yeah, thanks!

Any macOS support in the future?

@Laerte Junior - adding on to @xaGe, you could probably find a tool to split a video into multiple images. Or convert the video to gif, and then split using Python or any other tool.

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characters would be a nice addition, this could become a platformer...

biomes would be a good idea for expansion, tonna' work though

Kinda yeah, and probably the content/encoding/binary/etc of the file.

Well there's different types of executable files. Some are for Windows and some are made for macOS.


Hi I love the bosses in this pack! Is there a tileset to go along with this pack?

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Would you be adding projectiles any time? Amazing pack though, shading is very nice.

Both ideas sound great, trusting this great website to be better than one of the world's richest men and companies! :)

I like the 2-bit style, from the GIFs, it is a bit hard to differentiate liquid/water and land :)

Actually (and as the name suggests) Sokpop isn't one 'guy', it's a group of people :D

I think the part 'Not everyone understands English; wurdweb is for those people too.' can be offensive if taken the wrong way, and it is a really weird way of advertising your many languages. A better option would be to say 'wurdweb comes in many languages' or maybe 'wurdweb is for everyone and in many languages'. I'd suggest changing that line to something a little less offensive. - Just my opinion!

Military stuff?

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Well reading the last line, maybe the .exe was made for macOS 10.15, while you ran it on 10.14.6

Read the error message ;)

I absolutely love the weapons and originality!

Got it ;D

So you can only rate games if you participated in the Jam right?

Okay, thanks. I'll try it out. I don't have Apple ID so I couldn't download half the other softwares. This seems to be online.

Well you did what you were supposed to do :P

Seems interesting! Keep up the work!

Oh wow, thank you!

I like that it has a female main :) Most packs have only male main chars

Good to know, thanks.

Nah I'm good.

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Hey, I think this is pretty cool. I only use Python! Definitely going to download this after writing this comment. Sorry you had to deal with the people below...

My potato Mac can't download it quick enough. Maybe it's Google or my wifi?

Lovely game!

I would suggest trying to make the game available on Mac and Linux. Changing the name of the downloadable file from to the game's title would be a bit more cleaner. Obviously these are nitpicky things xD

Would it be possible for a .zip file? I'm on macOS and can't open a .rar file. Also not allowed 3rd-party software by my parents.. xD

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Will you be updating this with 4 side enemy animations? If not that's okay, understandable :)

Also would there be a info file for how to split the tiles? Like width/height and x/y coords? Again, if not its fine! 

Not meant for Mac + SDL (graphics) issue (I'm not the dev)

I wonder what this means:

Credit is not necessary, but if you create something using this tileset I'd be happy to see your work (you can comment with a link).