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2nd try

bro the end O.o

20 second speed run B)

oddly addicting...


fun but the sensitivity could be turned down a little bit 

bruh the wr is 1:23

209 lol

its beautiful

253 ;-;


i was trying to play a horror game 😭



really fun wasn't expecting the pov swap to the PlayStation style the jump scare was actually scary, I saw him off in the distance and was sort of strafing but as soon as I turned around he got me >.>

i got 423 💀

28 points first time i actually made it to the end, lots of cool structures 

really fun concept 

art 8/10 

gameplay 8/10

difficulty 9/10

fun-ness 10/10

where the frick is the thing for the duck he keeps coming in at the middle of the night 

the lore 😩

pretty mid 3.5/10

I love how it gave you a choice for granola bars lol

awesome monster model too

I use mainly free construct 3 (which only allows 50 actions) to code because I am on Chromebook 

Any tips?

add any questions you may have here.

Pretty fun, a good amount of modes



(1 edit)


I did as much as I could with the 50 actions in free construct 3 but IM sure I can add them somehow.

pretty noice

pretty good

its oddly speedrun-able 

awesome game dude

i have a bad feeling about this...

really fun game got hard but thats good. an easy game is never fun


good game just a bit laggy

good game really fun and has good variety of bosses

loved the game had a certain edge to it like something was chasing me... i dunno maybe that was just me.

awesome game either way

this game is amazing i love playing it in my free time, I'm yet to beat it lol.

great graphics and good controls, i couldn't find any problems in it too!

i got 96 :/

34 seconds and 12 worlds, good game like the style too