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Thank you. Now it works but the performance is not good when visualising the Strava heatmaps on detailed levels in other coordinate system than web_mercator. That was the strength of ArcBruTiles in earlier versions.

Which versions of ArcGIS are supported by ABT3.0? ArcMap 10.4 crashes immediately when interacting with the toolbar. It would be fine if I could use ABT3.0 in AG10.4.

Look at this:

Perhaps you can get an idea? I have tried it and it works in several apps on my mobile phone.

That's bad news. I really hope there will be a solution. Using the old heatmap is a minimum solution. This heatmap has status from 2015 and nobody knows how long  it will be supported by Strava.

Are you working on it?


Unfortunately, Strava introduced a kind of restriction in order to see the heatmap in large scale. Now you must be logged in as a Strava-user (the image below is copied from

Du you have a solution? How can ArcBruTile handle it?

Works perfectly! Thanks!

No Strava-layers appear in the table of contents in ArcMap.


Hi. No Strava-layers appears in the table of contents in ArcMap.  It worked well before lunch.

Works perfectly! I'm impressed with your service!

Very nice, but there are 2 issues:
1) The serious one: When using another coordinate system than Web Mercator (epsg 3857) the background isn't transparent. So, it is not possible to show the heatmap together with other data. 
2) It seems that color red is the same as color hot.

Strava updated newly their global heatmap including data from 2017.

Arcbrutile doesn’t show the newest data using the Strava-dropdown-menu. Is it possible to fix it?

Strava global heatmap now include more activities such as ‘water’ and ‘winter’. It would be very useful if Arcbrutile could be updated with these activities.

As I can see in the ‘Add TMS services’-dialog Strava provides a service called ‘strava-ride’. This service actually shows the newest/updated heatmap (cycling), but it doesn’t support coordinate system transformation (supports only Web Mercator – epsg 3857).