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Unintelligible Sandbox community · Created a new topic What

What is this

this is actually funny 😂😂😂

great game awesome story 10 out of 10



bruh i fell in the pit 💀💀💀

I can't select keyboard option for controls 💀💀💀

Bruh this doesn't work it never loads for some reason

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Good game and fun from the start

Starmen crash the game when I try to get them (Might be device related since I saw a ytuber play and stars didn't crash his game, please tell me why, if u can't that's ok)

Edit: Getting powerups from Hammer Bros loot chests also crash the game, IDK about Toad Houses cos I haven't made it that far yet

ah yes another blue television games fan,?

thanks :)

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can you very please make a downloadable version because i like this game and i wanna be able to play without internet lol

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No, I can't climb this mountain 😂💀

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kirby from yoshi's island 😂

with the greatness of those 2 as well


i dont have an xbox controller 😂😂😂💀💀💀

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Good concept, good game, good playing, good spritework...

...But it might have completely frozen.

(I was playing web version)

This is what it looked like when it broke(I could not find the browser console anywhere, apologies!)

This rabbit is oddly familliar...

🅱uper 🅱ario 🅱ros


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Remove crates and item flowers, as well as all powerups including lives and bombs. Please

Dude that was my last 2 braincells

"Fat stacks of $"


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nice dot com hahahahahaha very nice

also i got both endings and the bonus

edit: got all accessories possible  :) so proe

crimson bombs, flame sword, birb feather, cat paws and the skull coin

why not "TANOOKI sunset"

( ._.)


nice game give this a 100...

...out of 10

but when is this gonna be updated again it's 2021

it looks very weird

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Edit: I didn't have any braincells left to lose so I played this anyway and it was actually pretty good

Please., just...

I made everyone ping-pong balls

I made the cover picture

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Stuffed Wombat, I noticed a glitch where if you stop after there are no more obstacles, but walk slowly towards wormb and disappear before wormb disappears, you can keep running afterwards but you will be invisible, and if you go backwards after that the end screen will show with wormb's eyes and mouth suspended next to it. Great wormb tho :)

yes wormb

just karens

me too wat happen

r i b b i t

It always says "You're acting weak"

Doesn't even work bruh!!! WTF is wrong with this game?

Whenever I look away it just fails

Also, whenever I do anything after the big bitchy guy annoys me, either I look(act too strong) or be natural(too weak) WTF?