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Good game...

But i dont understand da language XD

this game is fun but when you die you cannot restart without reloading. Please add "restart"button!

you just responded with "nope" hahahahhahahaha

so u responded

did u take a screenshot?

me too i have to keep exterminating the npc people it makes me feel like mass genocide

Are those red fungols?

Or simulate the effects of coronavirus XD

this game is great fun and ps the crabs are more like craps when u dont have the weapon yet

funny xd

to take a shi- a


Wow, boiiiiiiii! 

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This game is far too hard and the boss fight is crap. I have tried 274 times (tallied on paper) to pass the first and second part combined and I keep dying on the boss fight aka Just Impossible. Yes, the boss fight is impossible with all the boosts. The entire game is far too difficult for anybody to play.  However, I will give a compliment to soften my criticism: The concept is good and so is the game when you don't keep dying.

Edit: Sorry, the boss fight is actually goddamn unplayable.

jeez your computer sounds slow...does your frickin COMPUTER have the corona?? lol corona jokes suck

Me: Poor cat, man!

Nerd: All in the name of science.

Me: Kicks that nerd in da coconutz

ok this game is cray cray

thank you GunShotChief :D


its a good game but its too big for my screen

coronavirus games XD

nice game, good control reactivity, frustrating and i love it

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coronavirus zombies?!

or maybe covid-19 casualties as zombies

Normal zombie: Grrrrrgh* *bonk* zombie ded

Coronavirus zombie: cough* Everyone run away

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tank yoo verry munch! 😁

I kept on poking the middle finger :d

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what are the parameters(game-based) for the actual coronavirus? i also wanna try and see, btw i agree on the science bit.

i frickin kno, im so sillyy

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I'm in quarantine D; and I play this every day

Btw, 2 the dev:

Plz expand the parameters. They're not big enough. Nice gaame tho <3

so the coronavirus is even impacting GAMES?! Gee, frick, hell, damn, apologies for the profanity, heck, shoot, fudge

what the fck are you saying, speak fcking english, i dont speak gibberish?!

Did Thanos Kill Me?

*types 54321*

*computer explodes*


i kno im dark