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No, it is a standalone program.

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Fabulous! It is a great improvement for me over the old GUI. Thank you. Not to forget the drag-and-drop opening of images also is very handy.

Do you mean like a batch convert of all files in a dir perchance? Img2pixel can already do this.

Load a preset or tweak any image to your liking then choose your input dir with images you want to convert to those settings. Setting your output-dir will automatically apply those settings and save them to the output-dir.

FYI: Ark, LXQt file archiver, WinRAR, 7-Zip, and many others open *.7z files just fine in case you are having issues.

It really was that simple! Thanks, a nice little homage to the original arcade game.

Very cute! Great job on this.

There is already, but you need to build it yourself. It is pretty easy though since, Linux. ^_^

Looks good @shp!

Great job everyone! It’s a fun little game.

I was surprised to see you posted SLK_img2pixel to GitHub now also. ;-)

This feels like the love child of the arcade game Alien Syndrome and Loaded on the PS1! ^_^

I do appreciate that! I did register on codeberg as soon as found this project here. You may be right. Although I did build SoftLK-lib, install the SLK/header files globally into my system ( /usr/include/SLK/ ), building SLK_img2pixel does fail after some compiling, pointing to a ‘entry.suffix’ possibly being used uninitialized in this function ‘gd_get_frame’ from ‘external/gifdec.c’. I must have missed something.

I’ll continue this in an issue in the repository.

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WOW! This is simple and NICE! I wished it had a native Linux build (I failed building on Arch or Manjaro Linux), BUT I can tell you 1st hand it runs in a basic WINE prefix fairly easily, and no issues that I find so far.

I love that it is open-source with code publicly available.

Thank you!