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Fantastic, loved every bit of it

It was neat, ending was really well animated :]


Very neat, how I interpreted your art, walking around with camera can be very spooky, be fearful of ceiling hands touching when you're in class. And the moral of be kind, very deep, very introspective of the political climate of horror. Thank you. 

Very interesting, how I interpreted your work is that an artist pouring his heart and blood over his canvas creates magical artworks of bucket and thing I was not sure of. But pouring so much of his heart into his art costs the artist much with the poem and the finger chicken nuggets as a metaphor for artistic dissent. 

How I interpreted this game, I shot Sarah with my car twisting her body into a non edible condition. I proceeded to eat both her babies, the two cars and the baby crying was the clue. And was in a baby induced coma hence the ending. Thank you letting me enjoy the baby eating glutton simulation. XOXO

It was neat! 

I love the art, music, and the atmosphere. Fantastic! Akano is super cute.

This was honestly really good, it gave me a shiver