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I havnt played through all levels yet, i just finished the spira one, and im enjoying it. but theres this wierd illusion that makes it feel like your character/cursor is offset. its because the cursor is 2d while the map is 3D the offset illusion happens when you put the cursor on top of the walls, which in certain angles can make it feel like yourcursor is on top of a wall above your character, but is not. I tested and its not a bug, its just an illusion that might only be affecting me XD

edit, just finished through ultra, what about the other levels? i was looking forward to them D:

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Ill just put my concerns/suggestions in a list:

-add hotkeys

-dragging humans give me carpal tunnel/hotkey to sacrifice?

-human freak chamber too op/ voids the consequence of sacrificing.

So right now the first level(tutorial) feels like a proper level 1 while the second one was just level 1 on hard mode.

Suggestion: expand on it, add new monsters for new levels, new structures to deal with them. I REALLY like the idea of sacrificing. so maybe human sacrifice would get u a certain resource that lets you buy a certain structure to easily deal with a boss that comes out  fixed minutes after round starts.(lets players decide to more easily deal with boss, or take the risk and complete faster.)