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Edwin Evans-Thirlwell

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Thanks for this! I wrote a little piece about it:

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Thank you for this - it gives me much to think about. I especially appreciated reading about the different ways you play games depending on your pain that day.

Great quick interactive essay :) I enjoyed that your photographs allowed me to mind-map the building a little

Splendid stuff - I liked the compressed verdicts on the minigames, there's something about being able to compare and contrast with the screenshots on the jam page itself. Oddly enough this leaves me eager to visit a themepark - they're such bizarre spaces

Really interesting work - turning lineation into a question of switching lenses gives me a lot to think about in terms of how time flows through a piece of writing. Also really fascinating to think about reviewing as a process of surveillance.

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Lovely work - makes me think of erasure and blackout poetry:

Terrific concept, and very interesting to see it applied to staple review formulations like "graphics" and "audio" - got me thinking about e.g. how I sometimes try to dismantle those big familiar structural elements by not-very-artfully weaving between them, much like an indecisive Hearthian astronaut

Really enjoyed this, especially the different voice speeds and the cycling outro. Will check out your other pieces!

I loved the sparing way you've written this, and the balance of warmth and melancholy. I have game saves on the shelf that my sister left behind - this has helped me think about the process of revisiting them.

Enjoyed this - especially the lines about cigarettes :)