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thanks for reply, it's okay. Once again I want to say your game is really great visual looking I don't know why but it reminds me metropolismania 2 I love this game. But it's really heavy when I try to run it at my phone (Oppo realme 2) yeah it's an old smartphone.

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Wow, it's looking great, and can you make tutorial on your youtube on how to make banking/debit monetary system. I'm just hoping if this possible to make just using event variables without plugin I'll really appreciate it, right now I'm using MZ

that's okay, I'll check it again when you done it. And do you have simple bank system for MZ?, I can't find it anywhere. I hope you have any idea where I can get this.

Hi Raizen, is there any fix for follower issue in the near future soon?

Wow, it looks good, I'll try it.

looks pretty good, worth it for me to try it.

Nadia, thanks for this and if you don't mind, can you tell me what I must change, I just need the name and then I'll solve it by my self.

Thank you, now I can continue to finish my project (for personal use only)