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Incredible game, I enjoyed escaping the Globglogabgalab, the speed is perfect, the music is nice, the levels are nice and simple and the gameplay is easy to understand. The Eaterer looks absolutely beautiful and overall a 10/10 game in my opinion

Played this game recently and absolutely loved it, the music is amazing and perfectly compliments both the gameplay and the graphics. The bosses were fun and not too hard nor too easy, the dialogue was interesting and there are plenty of things to interact with. I highly recommend this game and I even made a little video on it if anyone is interested, thank you for creating this masterpiece, I look forward to seeing and playing more games from you in the future. 

Played this game awhile ago, highly recommend if you like sitting in chairs. 

Just posted a video on this game and I loved it!

The graphics are great and the jumpscares are very well placed, The monster is extremely creepy and this game has an absolutely amazing atmosphere.

10/10 would definitely play more games by this developer!

Just posted a video on this game, I loved it, the Climbing felt so realistic and it was overall just a super fun and relaxing game that will take you anywhere from about 15 to 30 minutes beat.


The climbing is very realistic and enjoyable as I have said already.

The music provides a great atmosphere and it also makes things just a little more spooky.

The sound and animation for the death of the king was also very good.

There are a few Easter eggs hidden around the game.


The "King" felt more like an emperor than a king and he also looked like Julius Caesar, I don't really mind this, but I thought that it might annoy some people so I put it in anyways.

And that is all I have to say about this game, really enjoyed it and would definitely play more games like this one! :)

This game is soo deep, I love it, it definitely lived up to my expectations and I really enjoyed it. Who knew that I game about being a tumbleweed could be so interesting. XD

Here is my video of the game if anyone is interested :)

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I am so excited to play this game, I played pumpkin jack near when it first came out and it became my favourite indie game. So I am super excited about this one too! :)

Edit: I just posted a video on my YT channel about this game and it was even better than I expected! (The video is higher up in this comment section)

This game is amazing, I played it awhile ago (+-4 months ago) and I can't wait for the full game to come out on Steam! Keep up the great work, also can't believe this is solo developed.

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This game really ShOCKed me! (get it, because this game has socks) I'm sorry I just had to. XD Looks great though, can't wait to give it a try! :)